Dr. Jian Xue

M. D., Ph. D. (China), O. M. D., C. A

Dr. Xue completed his formal education at the First Military Medical University in China (1963-1970)

Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM, 1972-1977).

He earned his Master’s degree from the Academy of TCM (1978-1982)

Ph. D. from the Second Military Medical University (1987-1990).

He is a specialist in integration of Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

He was chief surgeon at Tian Tan Hospital, which is affiliated with Capital Medical University.

At Nan fang Hospital, he was the professor and chief doctor of surgery from 1991 to 1995.

He subsequently worked as a researcher at VA Medical Center in St. Petersburg, Florida (1996).

Subsequently, he were a dean of Florida Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine (1997-2000)

Currently he licensed works in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Center.

Over fifty of articles on topics ranging from surgery to TCM with focus on the integration of TCM with Western Medicine have been published in various medical journals.

He is also a member of International Surgery and Intensive Care Association.